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Give the Gift of  Inspiration This Holiday Season.

Give a Signed Copy of Once A Warrior.

Let's be honest - 2020 has been brutal! But let's not let that ruin our holiday spirit.  If you've been inspired by Once A Warrior and want to spread it's inspiring message to someone in your life, order a copy from any retailer (linked below) between December 9 and December 18* and I'll send that person a personalized signed bookplate that they can put in their book.  

"This is the best stocking stuffer money can buy!" - Jake's Mom

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to deliver a heart warming story to friends of family this holiday season.

- Jake Wood

step 1: pick someone you want to inspire.

step 2: buy them a copy of Once A Warrior. (*this offer only applies to books purchased between December 9 and December 18)

step 3: email a copy of your receipt to

step 4: fill out the form that gets mailed back to you with your special someone's name and where the signed book plate needs to be shipped.  Jake will sign it and have his elves deliver it.

step 5: sit back, drink eggnog, and know you just delivered some serious holiday cheer.

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