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has the chaos of COVID left you struggling to adapt? 

Your goal in this new normal shouldn't be to survive,
it should be to thrive. 

 I can help you get there. 

I will help your teams understand chaos for what it is - opportunity. Using frameworks and lessons developed on the battlefield and in the disaster zone, I'll equip your organization with the tools they need to rise above the rest amid this pandemic - all in a safe, virtual environment. 

Introducing the CONQUERING CHAOS


Whether you're looking to take your annual conference online and need an engaging and relevant speaker, or your global leadership team is looking for tools to navigate today's new normal, Jake Wood's Conquering Chaos is the perfect seminar.

Jake has now delivered Conquering Chaos virtually to a tech company's global sales team, hundreds of hedge fund clients of one of the world's most prestigious banks, and to thousands of nonprofit leaders at a first-ever online summit, among others.

Learn more about 
Conquering Chaos


In Conquering Chaos, Wood leverages a framework for defining chaos developed by the US Army called VUCA to help listeners understand the intricacies of the situations they face. 


By developing an understanding of the nuances of different types of chaos, listeners are able to generate strategies that mitigate or eliminate their effects. Learn more about these strategies. 

Hope Is Not a Strategy.

So Stop Relying On It. 


Battle the impact of chaos by turning VUCA on its head.

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VUCA good.png
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