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tired of boring keynotes?

Key Speakers At The 2017 SALT Conference


Stiff speakers in suits. 

Death by PowerPoint.

Feintly repackaged themes already heard hundreds of times.

Your event deserves a better speaker than that.  You can get people to stop checking their Instagram during the session by bringing in a speaker with a story unlike anything they've ever heard and actual lessons that have real-world relevance. 

Learn more about how Jake Wood can deliver that for you.


For two decades, Jake Wood's life has been defined by the world's most high-stakes situations. He played BigTen college football, fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has since built the world's fastest growing disaster response organization - Team Rubicon. His riveting stories and hard-earned lessons bring audiences to the edge of their seats.

Jake has delivered keynotes to audiences of +10,000 at events like Million Dollar Round Table and in more intimate settings, like the board rooms of Fortune 500 companies.

Learn more about Jake's speech topics. 

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Co-founder of disaster relief organization asks Americans to reconsider the purpose of Veterans D…
CBS Mornings

Co-founder of disaster relief organization asks Americans to reconsider the purpose of Veterans D…

Co-founder of disaster relief organization asks Americans to reconsider the purpose of Veterans D…

A Vet Reflects On His Service In 'Once A Warrior' | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Team Rubicon opens a Field Medical Station in Santa Clara, CA providing shelter to COVID-19 patients

Jake Wood: Building Organizations That Win

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Fabricators & Manufacturers Association

Jake Wood hit it out of the park at the annual meeting! Our attendees were mesmerized listening to his presentation and gave him a standing ovation when he finished!



Jake was charismatic, thoughtful and engaging. Everyone was really moved by his story and his emphasis on ethical leadership.  I'm really happy we selected him to anchor the end of our conference. 


Cushman Wakefield

Wood inspired the hell out of them. Flat out one of the best speakers I have seen in my lifetime. Period.

 Keynote Topics 


The one &
the nine

For every 100 people in a typical organization or on your team, there are 10 people who shouldn't even be there, 80 who at their best have a neutral impact, 9 who perform exceptionally, and one who is a true leader capable of taking command and creating a winning team or culture. This reality is forcing organizations to rethink what they know about leadership, change management and risk. Those that can adapt will thrive, while those that refuse change will flounder and fail. Jake gives organizations the framework for becoming a better leader and building more agile organizations. Using his own remarkable journey as an Athlete, Marine Scout Sniper, and co-founder of Team Rubicon, Jake shows how you can find and build the team needed to win life's battles and become the "one" others look to. 


The world is fast moving and full of uncertainty. No situation demonstrates this like the battlefield, which is why the US military developed VUCA, a framework for understanding - and defeating - chaos. VUCA, representing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity, helps leaders define the challenges they confront and how best to conquer them. Listeners will learn how Vision, Understanding, Clarity, and Agility interact to help teams thrive in chaos, whether in the boardroom or the marketplace. Wood's experiences as a Marine Sniper in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as an entrepreneur who has built the fastest growing disaster response organization in America, provide him with compelling real-life stories to draw upon that help listeners understand the key lessons of Conquering Chaos.

Conquering Chaos

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Crossing the rubicon

Jake Wood will take listeners on his journey from college football's largest stadiums, to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, to the founding and development of America's fastest growing disaster response organization, the highly acclaimed Team Rubicon. Audiences will be captivated by rich storytelling and compelling visuals, and will feel as if they are alongside Jake in disaster zones around the world. Each participant will be left inspired to cross their own Rubicon, irrevocably committed to tackling what's most important in their life.

 Select Corporate Clients 

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